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In groups of four you are to design a structure that is capable of modulating light on its way from the sky (heaven) to the ground (earth) - we can call it a light-well. Your light-well is in many ways analogue to a building, it does the same. However this time we forget about the building and concentrate on light as it filters through the structure. Your light-well is to be materialized only through the use of plywood and laths. Each group has nine boards of plywood 1200x2400x12mm and 50meters of laths 38x57mm at their disposal. All materials has to be used.

You are allowed to “win” materials by connecting your light-well to neighboring wells thus sharing the same walls.
Who begins? I don´t know. Just get started and be the first mover. Who has the overall view of the structure? nobody. The structure has to be perfectly orthogonal and vertical and horizontal - and i mean perfectly! also it has to be parrallel to the wall of the wood workshop. The plywood boards can be cut in only squares and rectangular shapes. On saturday the 8th you are to document your light-well and exhibit it. In order to do so your light well must be accessible.

As we love our neighbors working hours in the parking lot is restricted to 8am to 4pm monday-friday. Elements of the structure can be prepared in the mock-up room around the clock. The exhibision area in the udstillingsbygning can within normal working hours be taken in use.

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